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A web address change may be in order for this site promoting cancer self-treatment with cannabis oil.

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Cure Your Own

cure your own cancer homepage

More than 20 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal uses. But what exactly are the therapeutic limits of cannabis? For instance, can it go as far as to cure cancer?

As its name would suggest,, a website selling cannabis oil supplies for self-treatment, appears to thinks so. That is, until you scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage and find this helpful disclaimer:

NONE of the products offered through should be used as a treatment for cancer

So maybe a web address change is in order. And perhaps these T-shirts should go, too.

As public stigma against pot continues to wane and more states move to legalize prescribed pot, the American Cancer Society has warned about websites “suggesting that marijuana oil or ‘hemp’ oil can cure cancer,” as well as other diseases. The organization says on its website,

These claims are largely unsupportable. Relying on marijuana alone as treatment while avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer may have serious health consequences.

Additionally, the FDA has not approved marijuana as safe and effective to treat any disease. Yet another reminder to always be wary of products touting miracle health claims.

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