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Five Companies that Fail the Name Game

What's in a name? Sometimes not what you expect.

Consumer News

Five Companies that Fail the Name Game


A California court found that Overstock was engaged in false advertising. Maybe “overstated” would be a better name?

Minute Maid Pomegranate and Blueberry Fruit Juice

POM Wonderful is battling Coca-Cola over its Minute Maid pomegranate and blueberry fruit juice that has less than one percent pomegranate juice in it.

Flushable Wipes

Moist towelettes like Charmin Freshmates that are marketed as “flushable” claim to be safe for sewer and septic systems, but turns out this claim doesn’t hold water. is actually a cleverly designed negative-option offer used to promote the company’s credit monitoring service.


Marketed as a healthy beverage containing “vitamins + water,” Vitaminwater is in reality fortified sugar water

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With a tagline of “Keeping Ads Honest,” we here at thought we would take this opportunity to inject a little honesty into the names of a few  brands and products that need a marketing makeover.

If you see one like these, send it our way.


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