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Cognizine, a supplement sold by Legacy Labs, claims in a long video presentation that it can help you

  • Eliminate Senior Moments
  • Feel Focused, calm and clear, every day, all day long
  • Improve your mood and productivity
  • Think faster, effortlessly express yourself better
  • Bring Fresh Blood Flow to your Oxygen Starved brain
  • Dust off your neurotransmitters and experience a surge in memory and concentration
  • Make your most important organ a FULL 12 Years younger (can you really afford not to?)

Some of these (Eliminate Senior Moments?) seem like claims to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure a disease, which are claims a supplement cannot legally make. Cognizine’s disclaimer mentions as much at the bottom of the page, but the company goes on to make those claims anyway. Consumers should be sure to remember that the FDA has not reviewed the claims made by Cognizine, and no other independent group has reviewed Cognizine’s claims. So there is little scientific evidence that this supplement will work.

Consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement, especially before paying $200 for four bottles. For more on supplements, see our previous article.

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