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Clearlink Insurance Agency

Email thanked consumer for "choosing" Clearlink. There was just one problem: She never did.


Ad Alert

Clearlink Insurance Agency

Up until two weeks ago, reader Gina F. had never heard of Clearlink Insurance Agency. Then the Utah-based company sent her an email thanking her for “choosing” Clearlink for her Medicare coverage needs and encouraging her to reach out to one of the company’s agents.

Gina has a Medicare plan but she didn’t get it through Clearlink, she told

A fine-print disclaimer at the bottom of the email revealed what was really going on:

This email is an advertisement. [Gina’s email address] is currently subscribed to receive these emails.

Gina, however, says she never gave her email address to Clearlink, nor any of its partners.

In response to an inquiry by, Clearlink said it takes the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 “very seriously” and that it is looking into how Gina could have received the email if she is not a subscriber. Clearlink did not address in its initial response nor answer a follow-up question about the false impression the email creates that the recipient has already retained the company’s services.

Clearlink says on its website that it specializes in home and auto insurance coverage, not healthcare. The company is a BBB accredited business with an A rating (which may not mean what you think it means).

Consumers should think twice about opening emails from companies they do not know and be suspicious of any claims in the emails that suggest they do.

UPDATE 11/4/19: When contacted for comment, Clearlink Insurance Agency said its position is that Gina is an actual customer of the agency, that she purchased a Medicare Advantage plan through Clearlink, and that the plan is still active. However, Gina states that when she called the number made available on the Aetna Medicare Advantage website in order to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan, at no time did the person she spoke with identify themselves as an agent of Clearlink and none of the communications she has received since then regarding her Medicare Advantage plan indicate that there is a relationship between the plan and Clearlink.

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