Carfax, Inc. has discontinued certain broadcast advertising after receiving a letter of inquiry from The National Advertising Division (NAD) is the advertising industry’s self-regulatory body administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.. The industry self-regulatory body said that the commercials imply that consumers can rely on a Carfax report alone for a vehicle’s complete history. The statements in the commercial include:

 –You want to see the accidents and service records reported to CARFAX and a price based on the car’s history.

-Just give me the Carfax.

-Before you buy a car, just say ‘Show me the Carfax’.

-Don’t run the risk of buying used cars with costly hidden problems.  Get a detailed vehicle history report from our nationwide database within seconds.

NAD requested evidence to support these statements and their implication that Carfax is a complete source of information. Carfax responded to NAD, saying that it would remove the commercial for business reasons, even though it believes the ad to be truthful.

When buying a car, be sure to ask questions, and check multiple sources for information on its history.

Our Ad Alerts are not just about false and deceptive marketing issues, but may also be about ads that, although not necessarily deceptive, should be viewed with caution. Ad Alerts can also be about single issues and may not include a comprehensive list of all marketing issues relating to the brand discussed.

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