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BPI Sports

BPI Sports, a supplement company, discontinued some of its advertising claims after the claims were challenged by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The National Advertising Division (NAD) is the advertising industry’s self-regulatory body administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. asked BPI Sports to substantiate claims about their products, including:

– Go Performance Pre-Training Powder. (“Stronger than 13 DMAA.” “Hits You Harder. Lasts Longer. Crazy Energy. Zero Crash.”)

– SAAs Energy. (“Go Faster. Build Muscle.” “The best tasting amino acid product on the market.” “Increase exercise performance.” “Perfect anabolic aminos.” “Increase energy and focus.”)

– 1 M.R. (One More Rep) Pre-Workout Powder. (“#1 Strongest Pre-Workout Formula.” “#1 Tunnel Vision Pre-Workout.” “#1 Professional Bodybuilding “Dialed In” Vehicle.” “#1 Non-stop Pre-training Machine.”)

(DMAA was recently banned by the FDA after being linked to deaths, so you maybe don’t want to try anything “stronger” than DMAA.) BPI Sports did not attempt to support their claims with evidence, instead pulling the claims from products and marketing material and telling NAD they do not intend to make such claims in the future.

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Our Ad Alerts are not just about false and deceptive marketing issues, but may also be about ads that, although not necessarily deceptive, should be viewed with caution. Ad Alerts can also be about single issues and may not include a comprehensive list of all marketing issues relating to the brand discussed.

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