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Ashford University

“I think this is a scam, an absolute scam,” Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said of Bridgepoint, the parent company of the for-profit Ashford University, during a Senate hearing in 2011.

So there’s that.

Senator Harkin described a network of for-profit schools that gobble up federal funds and spit out in-debt students. According to the New York Times,

Senator Tom Harkin . . . described an institution that gets 86 percent of its revenues directly from the federal government . . . Of the students who enrolled in 2008-9, for example, 84 percent in the associate degree programs were gone by September 2010 (63 percent had left the bachelor’s programs).
Bridgepoint employs 1,703 recruiters, the senator said, but only one employee is charged with job placement.

Consumers should think carefully about their education decision; research a school carefully before enrolling, especially a for-profit institution. And maybe don’t trust that decision to a bunch of cute kids.

For more on for-profit schools, click here.

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