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American Chinese Medicine Association

Clinic needs to finish taking its medicine after receiving FDA warning regarding cancer treatment claims.

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American Chinese Medicine Association


Despite its name and .org domain, the American Chinese Medicine Association (ACMA) is neither a membership organization like the similar-sounding American Medical Association nor a non-profit.

It’s a clinic, or more precisely according to the ACMA site, “one of the most popular natural medicine clinics in the United States.” The popularity of the clinic may stem from what it had claimed to treat on its site, which was everything. For example, ACMA had been marketed to offer:

Leading cancer treatment in the United States, which enables stage I, II, and III cancer patients to become cancer free without surgery, chemo, or radiotherapy.

Then the FDA sent a warning letter to the clinic’s medical director, Dr. Bob Xu, outlining a plethora of Only drugs can be marketed as having the ability to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent or mitigate a disease, and the only way for a product to gain legit drug status is by getting FDA approval, which means any product that doesn’t get FDA approval can’t say it has the ability to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent or mitigate a disease. on the site, including the one above. Now, that claim has vanished, along with these that were also cited in the letter:

  • “For most ACMA cancer patients, ACMA cancer treatments have extended their lives, including extending the lives of cancer patients who were sent to hospice after orthodox medicine failed to help them.”
  • “For stage I, II, III cancer patients after receiving ACMA cancer treatments, the 5-year remission rate in 100%.”
  • “ACMA Colon Cancer Treatment can shrink the tumor and [i]mprove patient’s colonoscopy and CT scan results. The patient can become cancer free after ACMA Colon Cancer Treatment.”

However, the FDA may still want to take another look at the ACMA site as testimonials crediting Dr. Xu’s herbal remedies for treating  HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s and dementia, stage I rectal cancer and stage IV breast cancer, as of this writing, remain on the site.

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