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There's a new phone scam in town.

A rule of thumb: If you don’t remember committing a crime, chances are you didn’t commit one.

So when “the government” calls and leaves a voicemail threatening imminent charges for an unspecified crime you’re almost certain you didn’t commit — no, eating gluten is not a crime — the caller is less interested in holding you accountable than scamming you out of money and/or personal information.

It’s an age-old scam but one of the latest versions can be traced to Long Island, New York and the number 631-343-3867. A reader said she recently received a voicemail from the number saying she had to answer in court to some vague tax violation. When dialed the digits, however, it didn’t ring.

So we threw the number into a reverse phone lookup on The verdict came back “scam or fraud” with a “spam activity level” of “high.” In other words, congratulations, you’re innocent.

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