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50 Ways to Get Rich Right Now

Do you want to get rich right now? Well the Internet has some helpful suggestions.

Consumer News

50 Ways to Get Rich Right Now

How easy is it to get rich quick? Real easy, according to the Internet. Here are 50 ways we found to make plenty of money fast. And while some ideas may actually work (you really can get money from sperm donations), other ideas may not be so great. If you have to pay $50 for a get-rich-quick scheme, who’s getting rich — you or the person you’re buying the scheme from?

1. Buy gold.

2. No, wait. Sell gold.

3. Or maybe buy and sell gold.

4. Gold is out. Silver is where it’s at.

5. You could say five magic words to your teller and walk away with free silver.

6. Maybe both. Maybe buy gold and silver.

7. Maybe forget about gold and instead use the Bible’s Money Code.

8. Or just let God multiply your riches.

9. Use passive income to make more than $4,000 a month.

10. Maybe invest in something like the new, free, unspecified highway being built across America.

11. Or invest in Blue Fire Oil Drilling.

12. Invest in thorium.

13. Invest in coal and rake in a 240% return.

14. Invest in switchgrass.

15. Invest in 3D printing.

16. Invest in this company that was hand-picked by Steve Jobs in 2005 but they are not going to tell you what it is until you give them your credit card information.

17. Invest in a “toll bridge” company that profits from all cellphone sales.

18. Invest in a copy of Ron Paul’s lost “Gold Bible.”

19. Invest in natural gas.

20. Invest in a small group of stocks that will go through the roof when the Pentagon unleashes Plan X.

21. Invest in Internet video technology.

22. Invest in uranium.

23. Invest in video games.

24. Invest in iCash, Apple’s new currency.

25. Invest in Chilean companies.

26. Use a backdoor to invest in the secret stock market U.S. Presidents use after they leave office.

27. Or just invest in something you don’t own: Become a paper landlord and collect rent checks without owning property.

28. Game the system. Use one weird trick to add $1,000 dollars to your Social Security check.

29. Bitcoins, baby. Bitcoins.

30. Harness the power of options.

31. Buy the Major Market Trend Indicator, which is powered by the Market Timer Algorithm that specifically searches for high-expectancy stock opportunities and other such jargon.

32. Maybe it’s time to harness Mother Nature and build your own miniature solar and wind power plant on your property to save big on electricity.

33. Understand the market’s opening range.

34. Sell adult toys online, a booming business.

35. Like this one company on Facebook and you’ll have financial freedom in 24 months.

36. Be a successful investor by following this rule: Don’t lose money.

37. Slap Warren Buffet’s name onto something for instant money.

38. Sell your keyboard stocks.

39. Escape from the USA . . . without ever leaving home and somehow profit.

40. Build wealth with the dividend machine.

41. Listen to the secret Bill Gates told a well-known New Yorker.

42. Foreclosures for Cash!

43. Use little-known corporate loopholes to collect an extra $2,000 every week.

44. Sperm donations.

45. Use the “Mainz” source of income to collect royalties.

46. Use the Lost Secret of Investing.

47. Flip real estate for fun and profit.

48. Penny Stocks. Lots and lots of penny stocks.

49. Trust no one.

50. If all else fails? Collect underpants and profit.

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