Vape Database

Below are misleading claims made by representatives at 15 vape shops visited by between February-April 2016. also reviewed the e-cigarette marketing on store websites that existed. The anecdotal results are below. The list of criteria used to note questionable claims can be found here. Northeast Vapors operates both the Guilford Vapor Club and the Vapor Lounge.

Company Name Healthier/Safe Cheaper Smoke in Most Places Smoking Cessation
The Vape Loft
The Vape Loft Website
Guilford Vapor Club (Northeast Vapors)
E-Six Vapors
E-Six Website
Vape, LLC
Vapor Lounge (Northeast Vapors)
Northeast Vapors Website
Steam Co.
E-Stop E-cigs
E-Stop E-cigs Website
U Vape
Limitless Vapes
Sovereign Vapes
West Haven Vapors
The Happy Lung  √
The Glass Cloud
The White Buffalo