Rama Lila Ciroc Database

TINA.org investigated Diageo’s use of social media influencers to market its Ciroc brand on Instagram. In doing so, TINA.org collected more than 1,700 Ciroc alcohol ads on Instagram across 50 different social media influencers in which the influencers failed to disclose their material connection to the brand in a clear and conspicuous manner.

Below is (1) evidence that Rama Lila has a material connection to Ciroc that must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in each Instagram post that promotes Ciroc; and (2) a sampling of Rama Lila’s inadequately disclosed Ciroc ads.

TINA.org audited these findings in December 2018. Any Instagram posts that had been taken down or edited to clearly and conspicuously disclose the influencer’s material connection as of that time are shown below in gray.

Material Connection:

Deceptive Ciroc Ads:

Ciroc Ad
(Archived by TINA.org)
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Rama Lila 1 Rama Lila 1 Live
Rama Lila 2 Rama Lila 2 Live
Rama Lila 3 Rama Lila 3 Live
Rama Lila4 Video Rama Lila 4 Live
Rama Lila5 Rama Lila 5 Live
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