DealDash believes that its “Buy it Now” feature, which allows those who lose an auction to buy the same item at inflated DealDash prices and get all the bids they used back for free, rescues it from being an illegal gambling site.  As DealDash’s founder explains it, “the Buy it Now is really important. It changed the game from being a gamble, which you might try once or twice, to actually something that people would come and shop.”

Such an argument is fundamentally flawed for a number of reasons, all of which are explained in’s complaint letters. Among those reasons are consumers’ inability to pay DealDash inflated “Buy it Now” prices and/or consumers’ ability to buy the same product(s) cheaper elsewhere.

Below are some examples of each scenario.

DealDash “Buy it Now” Prices are Expensive:
Massage chair

DealDash “Buy it Now” Prices Significantly Higher than Other Retailers:

DealDash v. Amazon: Coffee Maker**
DealDash v. Amazon: Drill
DealDash v. Amazon: iPod Touch
DealDash v. Amazon: Sleeping Bag
DealDash v. Amazon: Telescope
DealDash v. Bed, Bath & Beyond: KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Bowl Attachment
DealDash v. Walmart: Coca-Cola Compact Fridge
DealDash v. Walmart: Self-Cleaning Litter Box
DealDash v. Walmart: Toy Train Set
DealDash v. Walmart: Motion Sensor Trash Can

**DealDash calls this coffee machine a “Professional Coffee Brewer.” However, BUNN — the manufacturer of this product — does not make this particular item in a “Professional” model.