Agora Income Claims — 2021 Collection

The Stipulating Parties in FTC v. Agora Financial, LLC, et al. are violating the February 8, 2021 Stipulated Order by, among other things, continuing to market their financial publications using deceptive income claims without clearly and conspicuously disclosing all material risks, bases, costs, restrictions, limitations, conditions, and prerequisites applicable to the income claims, as is required by the Order. Below are more than 100 examples of such violations.

Note: Some of the marketing materials below are published by entities not named in the FTC’s complaint but which are nonetheless bound by the Order by virtue of being under the umbrella of Monument & Cathedral Holdings, Inc., one of the Stipulating Parties in the FTC’s action.

Videos promoting financial subscriptions

AF_Death Spiral (live link, transcript)
AF_DO NOT Buy A Single Ounce (live link)
AF_Elons 10x Announcement (live link)
AF_Jeff Bezos Big Bet (live link, transcript)
AF_The Technology Prophet predicts (live link, transcript)
AF_The 7 Day Stock Market (live link, transcript)
AF_50 Options Blueprint (live link, transcript)
AF_77 Winning Trades (live link, transcript)
Brownstone_Elon Musks Next Big Project SAV (live link, transcript)
Brownstone_Mysterious Nasdaq Glitch (live link, transcript)
Brownstone_Silicon Valleys most controversial secret (live link, transcript)
Brownstone_The Great Reset (live link, transcript)
Brownstone_The Second Wave Tech Minute (live link, transcript)
Brownstone_Why are Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk (live link, transcript)
Brownstone_Why You’ll Never Get Rich (live link, transcript)
Casey Research_Alarming Development Is the IMF moving in (live link, transcript)
Casey Research_Why This Is Warren Buffet’s (live link, transcript)
Jeff Clark Trader_How To Retire Rich Off a Single Boring Stock (live link, transcript)
Jeff Clark Trader_The 3 Stock Retirement Blueprint (live link, transcript)
Money Map_BEST Way to Beat Bitcoin (live link, transcript)
Money Map_Microcurrency Trader (live link)
Palm Beach_America REBORN (live link, transcript)
Palm Beach_Major Change Coming to Your Bank (live link, transcript)
Palm Beach_New Banking Rule Set to Trigger (live link, transcript)
Paradigm_How the Pandemic will Detonate (live link, transcript)
Paradigm_Nomi Prins Rapid Growth Opportunity (live link)*
Paradigm_The Great Depression of 2021 (live link, transcript)
Paradigm_The United States of Kamala Harris (live link, transcript)
Seven Figure Solution_What Elon Musk Revealed (live link, transcript)
Seven Figure Solution_What Elon Musk Revealed 2 (live link, transcript)
Three Founders_The 5G Killer (live link, transcript)

* A transcript of this video is not available.

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Agora Financial FAQ Page (video)
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Banyan Hill
Banyan Hill Endless Income (live link, transcript)
Banyan Hill The American Prosperity Summit (live link, transcript)

Money Map Press
Money Map Bio-Technology Profit Alliance
Money Map Bio-Technology Profit Alliance Testimonials
Money Map Black Diamond
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Money Map Hyperdrive Portfolio
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Money Map Press Unlock The Biggest Fastest Movers In 2021 (live link, transcript)
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