In July 2017, a class-action lawsuit against World Waters LLC for allegedly deceptively marketing WTRMLN WTR brand juice products, including WTRMLN WTR, WTRMLN LME, and WTRMLN LMN. The complaint alleges that the company:

  • misleadingly represents that the juices contain only watermelon juice when, according to plaintiffs, they are blended with lemon juice;
  • overstates the amount of watermelon in juices by separately listing watermelon ingredients – such as watermelon flesh and watermelon rind – instead of listing watermelon or watermelon juice;
  • deceives consumers by using similar bottles with identical fonts and slogans for “Cold Pressed” and “Cold Pressured” products and, as a result, the products are not clearly distinguishable; and
  • deceptively represents that juices are not pasteurized and never heated when, according to plaintiffs, no legal authority defines pasteurization for the products and the high pressure processing used causes the juices’ temperature to increase and become heated.

(Pizzirusso et al v. World Waters LLC and World Waters Holdings, LLC, Case No. 17-cv-4071, E. D. NY.)

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