Class Action

Voortman Cookie Wafers

November 2019: This case was voluntarily dismissed for undisclosed reasons.

April 2019: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Swander Pace Capital for allegedly falsely marketing that its Voortman cookie wafers are:

  • “Baked With Real Cocoa” when, according to plaintiffs, the wafers actually contain “Cocoa Processed with Alkali,”
  • “Baked With Real Fruit” when, according to the complaint, the wafers actually contain “dried fruit,” and
  • “Baked With Real Vanilla” when, according to plaintiffs, the ingredients list shows that the wafters contain “natural flavor” instead of vanilla.

(Lopez et al v. SPC Management Co., Inc., Case No. 19-cv-1875, E. D. NY.)

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