Class Action

TopCare Flushable Wipes

Case Name (Date)

Bradley et al v. Topco Associates, LLC
21-cv-3303, S.D.N.Y.
(April 2021)


TopCare tippy toes Flushable Wipes


Falsely marketing wipes as “flushable” when they do not break apart after flushing and cause clogs and other sewage damage



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TopCare Infants’ and Children’s Acetaminophen Medications

Class Action

TopCare Infants’ and Children’s Acetaminophen Medications

In July 2020, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Topco Associates for allegedly misleadingly marketing TopCare® Infants’ Pain & Fever Acetaminophen and TopCare® Children’s Pain & Fever Acetaminophen as different…

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Earache Medicines

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Earache Medicines

The FDA sent warning letters to four earache medication makers demanding that the companies stop marketing their products, which the FDA has determined to be prescription drugs, as over-the-counter medicine.…