Class Action

Time’s Magazine Subscriptions

Class Action

Time’s Magazine Subscriptions

June 2019: This case was voluntarily dismissed When a complaint is dismissed without prejudice, an amended version of the complaint can be refiled..

October 2018: This case was stayed pending the approval of the settlement agreement in Cruz v. Synapse.

2016: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Time Inc. for allegedly offering consumers free or discounted magazines for a specific term without adequately disclosing that they are enrolled in a program that automatically renews the subscriptions and, as a result, charged without their consent. The lawsuit was originally filed in state court in May 2016 and transferred to federal court in June 2016. (Price et al v. Synapse Group, Inc., SynapseConnect, Inc., Time Inc. and Does 1-50, Case No. 16-cv-1524, S.D. Cal.)

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