July 2015: The parties in this lawsuit have reached a settlement agreement. According to the settlement terms, class members with proof of purchase may receive $6 for each bottle purchased and class members without proof of purchase may receive $3 for each bottle purchased. Class members may receive a refund for up to six bottles of whiskey. In addition, the company agreed to add the phrase “Distilled in Indiana” to the back label and to remove certain phrases (including “Small Batch” and “Prohibition Era Recipe”) from the front label.

September 2014: A false advertising class-action lawsuit against Templeton Rye Spirits, LLC was transferred from state court to federal court. Plaintiffs claim, among other things, that the company deceptively markets its Templeton Rye Whiskey as being “made in Iowa” when the whiskey is actually made in Indiana. In addition, plaintiffs claim that the company markets its whiskey as “small batch” when, in reality, it is distilled and aged in a factory that also distills and ages whiskey for other brands. (McNair et al v. Templeton Rye Spirits, LLC, Case No. 14-cv-07440, N. D. IL.).

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