October 2018: A federal judge granted the facility’s motion to compel arbitration of the named plaintiff’s (Heredia’s) claims and stayed the proceedings against her. The judge also transferred the case to another California court. (Case No. 18-cv-1974, C. D. CA.)

January 2018: This case was transferred to federal court. (Case No. 18-cv-616, N. D. CA.)

June 2017: A false advertising class-action lawsuit was filed against Sunrise Senior Living for allegedly engaging in a scheme to defraud seniors and people with disabilities. The complaint alleges that the assisted living facility deceptively represents that its staff provides residents with the care they need based on resident assessments performed by the staff when, according to plaintiffs, the facility does not use the results of the assessments to determine the care provided to residents and makes staffing decisions based on labor budgets instead of residents’ needs. (Heredia et al v. Sunrise Senior Living, LLC, Case No. RG17865541, California Court – Alameda County)

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