In March 2017, a class-action lawsuit was filed alleging that the manufacturers and sellers of the Onagofly F115 drone are engaged in false advertising. Among other things, plaintiffs claim that the marketing for the drone is deceptive because it:

  • Misleadingly represents that the drone has a 15 Megapixel Sony camera when, in reality, the camera has a significantly lower resolution;
  • Falsely represents that a video on the website was shot with an Onagofly drone when, in reality, the video was shot using a different drone with a higher resolution camera;
  • Falsely represents that the drone has an 800 mAh or 100 mAh battery when, in reality, the battery is less powerful than advertised;
  • Misrepresents the stability and control the drone has in the air;
  • Deceptively promises GPS applications that do not work as advertised;
  • Misrepresents that the drone will orient itself and follow users when, in reality, the drone does not.

(Black et al v. Shenzen Sunshine Technology Development, LTD., Acumen Robot Intelligence, Inc., Sam Tsu d/b/a Onagofly, and Does 1-100, Case No. 17-cv-2370, C. D. CA.)

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