In July 2014, an appellate court affirmed a district court’s approval of a settlement of a class-action lawsuit against Ferrero USA, the manufacturer of Nutella, for allegedly misleadingly advertising Nutella as a healthy breakfast food. According to the settlement terms, a monetary fund will be used to partially reimburse class members. In addition, the company agreed to revise its advertising campaign for Nutella and provide more nutritional information on the product label. To read the full appellate court decision, click here. (In Re: Ferrero Litigation, Case No. 12-56469, 9th Cir.).


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February 2019: This case was transferred to federal court. (Case No. 19-cv-622, N. D. CA.) December 2018: A class-action complaint was filed against Ferrero USA for allegedly deceptively packaging Nutella…

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