March 2020: The Gill case was transferred from a court in Kansas to a court in New Jersey. (Case No. 20-cv-3230, D.N.J.)

February 2020: The Faughnan and Barnes cases were transferred to a New Jersey court.

January 2020: Another class-action lawsuit was filed bringing similar allegations against AMAG Pharmaceuticals. (Zamfirova et al v. AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Case No. 20-cv-152, D.N.J.)

November 2019: Multiple class-action lawsuits were filed against AMAG, Inc. for allegedly falsely marketing Makena as a medication that “lower[s] the risk of having another preterm baby in women who are pregnant with one baby, and who’ve unexpectedly delivered one baby too early (before 37 weeks) in the past” when, according to plaintiffs, scientific evidence does not support such claims. Click on the case information to read each complaint.

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