October 2015: The court approved a settlement of this false advertising class-action lawsuit. According to the settlement terms, each class member will receive a pro rata share in an amount up to the full purchase price (or $39.95) of a $2 million settlement fund. Any money remaining in the settlement fund will be distributed to appropriate (French for “as near as possible”): a legal doctrine that requires a judge to consider the manner in which unclaimed settlement funds in class action lawsuits are distributed. Under this doctrine, the remaining funds must be distributed for the indirect benefit of the class instead of benefiting the defendant. recipients. The settlement does not provide any injunctive relief.

May 2014: A class-action lawsuit was filed against ZeoBIT LLC (and amended in May 2015) alleging that the company deceptively markets the MacKeeper software. According to the complaint, the company offers a free diagnostic scan to induce consumers to purchase the full version of the software because the scan is designed to detect errors (even when there are no errors) and report that consumers need to purchase the full version to fix all of the problems. (Yencha et al v. ZeoBIT LLC, Case No. 14-cv-00578, W. D. PA.).


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