March 2022: The Court preliminarily approved a settlement agreement that would resolve the Lewis case and two state court cases: Scherr et al. v. Rodan & Fields, LLC (CIVDS-1723435, California State Court – San Bernadino) and Gorzo et al v. Rodan & Fields, LLC (CGC-18-565628, California State Court – San Francisco). For more information, go to

April 2018: Two false advertising class-action lawsuits were filed against Rodan & Fields regarding its marketing of its Lash Boost product. Specifically, both sets of plaintiffs allege that that company misleadingly represents that Lash Boost improves the appearance of eyelash volume and strength without disclosing the potentially serious side effects – including, for example, eye sensitivity, irritation, inflammation, and infections – associated with the ingredient isopropoyl cloprostenate. Click on the links below to each complaint.

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