According to an August 2012 lawsuit, the maker of Enfamil, Mead Johnson & Co., falsely advertise its baby formulas as containing prebiotics that have immunity-related health benefits for babies.  Specifically, the lawsuit states, “Enfamil’s ‘Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics’ do not provide health benefits as represented and certainly are not ‘proven’ to do so.  Moreover, there is not competent and reliable scientific evidence supporting the Misrepresentation, and any purported link between immune response and prebiotics in the Mislabeled Products is entirely speculative.”  It goes on to say, “experts agree that breast milk is immeasurably superior to baby formula in terms of infant nutrition and other health benefits.  Therefore, it is misleading for Defendant to advertise the Mislabeled Products as similar to breast milk when formula cannot provide anywhere near the level of benefits provided by breast milk.”  (Route v. Mead Johnson Nutrition Co. d/b/a Mead Johnson & Co., LLC, Case No. 12-cv-7350, C.D.Ca.)


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