In October and November 2020, multiple class-action lawsuits were filed against Diestel Turkey Ranch for allegedly falsely marketing that its turkeys are “thoughtfully raised on sustainable family farms” in Sonora, California when, according to plaintiffs, the turkeys come from factory farms outside of Sonora, California. Plaintiffs also claim that the company markets that its turkeys get “plenty of fresh air and space to roam” when, according to the complaint, the turkeys are raised in overcrowded metal sheds that are dirty and do not give turkeys enough room to engage in natural behaviors, which leads to illness, injury, pain, and premature death. In addition, the complaint alleges that the company represents that its turkeys meet the highest standards of the Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified program when, according to plaintiffs, such claims are not true. Click on the case information below to read each complaint.

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