In June 2016, a false advertising class-action lawsuit was filed against BlueGreen Vacations Unlimited, a company that promotes and sells timeshares. According to the complaint, the company makes several false representations to convince consumers to enter into timeshare contracts, including:

  • Misleadingly claiming that promotional presentations last two hours when they really last more than five hours,
  • Representing that its timeshare contracts cost $15,000 over five years at a 15.99% interest rate when they really cost $25,000 over ten years, and
  • Representing that the contract’s maintenance fees never increase when the fees actually increase on an annual basis.

In addition, the complaint claims that the terms in the timeshare contract are different than the ones promised during the timeshare presentation. (Miles et al v. BlueGreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc., Case No. 16-cv-937, E.D. Cal.)

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