February 2020: A state court judge granted final approval of a settlement agreement. According to the settlement terms, AutoZone agreed to:

  • Reinstate all of the class members expired $20 Rewards;
  • Give class members with one or two expired credits a $5 Reward;
  • Give class members with three or four expired credits a $10 Reward; and
  • Give class members with five or more expired credits a $15 Reward.

For more information, go to https://www.azrewardslitigation.com/.

August 2016: A class-action lawsuit was filed against AutoZone for allegedly misleadingly representing that customers who make purchases of more than $20 earn reward credits toward a $20 Reward when, according to plaintiffs, AutoZone did not properly disclose that it changed its rewards program such that credits expire after twelve months and $20 Rewards expire after three months. (Hughes et al v. AutoZone Parts, Inc. et al, Case No. BCG31080, California State Court – Los Angeles)

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