February 2018: The Court granted final approval order of the settlement agreement.

December 2016: A state judge preliminarily approved a settlement agreement resolving a lawsuit filed in March 2016 alleging that Universal Nutrition falsely and misleadingly labels Animal Pak dietary supplements and over-the-counter workout products as being “Made Proudly in the USA” when they contain foreign ingredients.

According to the settlement agreement, class members with proof of purchase may receive a refund of up to $20. If the total payments to class members amount to less than $125,000, the amount left in the settlement fund will be distributed to a charitable organization. In addition, the company confirmed that it has removed “Made Proudly in the USA” claims from the product labels. For more information, go to http://www.universalclasssettlement.com/. (Giffin et al v. Universal Protein Supplements Co., Case No. BC613414, Superior Court of California – County of Los Angeles)

For more information about Made in USA claims, click here.

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