National Public Health Week’s Improbable Players

Exactly how healthy is a Wendy's salad?

| Jason Bagley

A fast-food restaurant whose Baconator burger contains nearly 1,000 calories. A brand that built its name on hot dogs and has a Weinermobile to prove it. And a company whose chocolate bars provide for 90 percent of your recommended daily intake for saturated fat.

These are the unlikely voices that have emerged this week in an online conversation on public health, appearing as promoted tweets (aka ads) under Twitter search results for National Public Health Week, an annual educational initiative running April 6-12 this year.

Here are the three tweets “adding” to the conversation.

WENDY’S — Looks healthy but only one out of eight Wendy’s salads contains less than 300 calories. Three salads pack more than 500 calories and an average fat content of 32 grams.

OSCAR MAYER — How about adding some fruits and vegetables to that hashtag?

ALOHA — Say hello to love handles. While this tweet talks about fruits and veggies, it’s also 20 percent off saturated fat-packing chocolate this month at Aloha, per the company’s website.

For more on how Twitter presents its promoted tweets, click here.

Jason Bagley

Jason Bagley, writer at, is still romantic about journalism and believes in its power to educate and inform.

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