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"Advertising today is a truth-free zone,” says Jonathan Baskin.

| Laura Smith

At the National Advertising Division conference in New York City last week, I had the pleasure of listening to Jonathan Baskin, a marketing consultant who emphasizes the importance of truth in advertising.

He said many things that resonated with me, but here’s one that really struck me (thanks AdWeek for reminding me):

“We slice and dice the truth, without necessarily communicating the rest of the truth. We’ve also embellished it. Sometimes we ignore it completely,” Baskin said. “Advertising today is a truth-free zone.”

For AdWeek’s full article about Baskin’s talk, click here.  And to read more about Mr. Baskin, click here.

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Laura Smith

As Legal Director, Laura is responsible for overseeing’s overall legal strategy. She believes that efficient and ethical markets only work if there is complete – and accurate – information…

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