Goodbye Pork Butt

The beef and pork industries are renaming 350 cuts of meat. What do these new meat monikers make us think of?

| Orawan Gardner

With the USDA’s blessing, the pork and beef industries are renaming more than 350 different cuts. Here’s what the new meat industry terms mean vs. what I think of when I hear them:

1. Boston Roast (formerly pork butt)

2. Denver Steak (formerly beef-under-blade-boneless-steak)

3. Porterhouse Chops, Ribeye Chops, and New York Chops (formerly pork chops)

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Orawan Gardner

Orawan was formerly a project associate who produced written and visual content for Orawan was an AmeriCorps VISTA member and studied film at Vassar College, where she received her B.A.

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