Caulk-y Made in USA Claims

Why is this tool with "China" on the packaging being marketed as made in the USA?

| | Jason Bagley

UPDATE 4/18/22: Allway has gotten back to me. The company confirmed that the caulk tool is imported and said it will update the country of origin in its Amazon listing. It said it was “an error” that USA was given as the country of origin. My original blog follows.

I am at the phase in life where a three-in-one-caulk tool is a necessary item. I don’t know how this happened but here we are. However, during a recent trip to a home improvement store, I could not find the tool I needed. So I did what I assume most people would do in my situation – ordered it on Amazon.

But before checking out, I Googled the manufacturer, Allway, because the best consumer is an educated consumer and I had never heard of this company before. A sleek company website displayed a Bronx address, home to Allway’s 80,000-square-foot “state-of-the-art plant.” Among the activities that happen there: manufacturing.

That allayed any concerns I had about the company. I ordered the tool. Two days later, the tool arrived. And on the back of packaging, I was surprised to read “China.”

That the three-in-one caulk tool be made in the USA was not a requirement for me. But after visiting Allway’s website and seeing the Bronx address, which also appears on the back of packaging, and reading about the company’s facility in the New York City borough, I assumed it was made in America. I hadn’t even noticed that in the Amazon listing, under product information –> technical details, “USA” was given as the country of origin.

I’m not the only one who feels misled. A review left in the Amazon listing last month states:

This is misrepresented as being made in USA when the manufacturer’s label clearly indicates China. Made in USA was a specific feature I was looking for and was disappointed to find out that the product description is incorrect.

I reached out to Allway for comment. I’ll update this blog if I hear back.

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