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Google ad touting a "free license plate lookup" won't get you very far.

Verispy Google ad

Verispy claims that its reports “uncover the truth behind anyone’s background.” But here’s the truth behind one of its Google ads touting a “free license plate lookup,” which is one way that the service is said to dig up dirt on people: It won’t get you very far. looked into the Google ad after receiving an email from a reader who wrote that the service is “NOT FREE ever.” And here’s the rub: It’s free to type in a license plate number on the Verispy site, to which the ad directs, but to actually view the contents of a report, you have to cough up at least $19.95.

Verispy says the reports include personal information on the license plate owner’s vehicle history, driving records, arrests and warrants, and “known associates,” which probably sounds cooler than what is ultimately revealed. But before you go checking on the recluse next door, know that Verispy does not guarantee the accuracy of any the information it provides in its reports. The site’s terms of use states (emphasis added):

Please be aware that Verispy does not have direct control of the data made available through our services. We do not originate, verify or sanitize any data made available through the use of any of our searches. Reports may contain inaccuracies, may be out of date or incomplete.

Consumers should also know that some — or possibly all — of the information included in the reports is available to the public for free. It just takes some snooping on your end. For example, arrest warrants and convictions are searchable on state judicial sites.

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