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Winch manufacturer finds itself in need of a lifeline over potentially deceptive Made in the USA claims.

Superwinch’s products are designed to get motorists out of trouble but recently the winch manufacturer found itself in need of a lifeline after the FTC raised questions about its Made in the USA claims.

As the agency wrote in a recent closing letter to the company (emphasis added):

As discussed, unqualified U.S.-origin claims in marketing materials — including claims that products are “Made,” “Built,” or “Manufactured” in the USA — likely suggest to consumers that all products advertised in those materials are “all or virtually all” made in the United States.

Apparently this was not the reality because in response to the agency’s inquiry Superwinch made several changes to its marketing materials, including deleting or modifying potentially deceptive U.S.-origin claims on its website and social media pages and in its print materials.

By pulling itself up by its own bootstraps, Superwinch was able to avoid further scrutiny from the FTC, which left the company with this message:

If, in the future, Superwinch can substantiate claims that particular products are “all or virtually all” made in the United States, it would be appropriate for the Company to update its marketing materials accordingly.

Find more of our coverage on Made in the USA claims here.

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