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What's more American than agriculture? In this case, outsourced materials.

What’s more American than agriculture? Since the first settlement, Americans have tilled and sowed the land and raised farm animals for sustenance. Today, raising farm animals has become less and less of an individual necessity and more of a hobby for those who own any small portion of land. Enter RentACoop.

RentACoop, not to be confused with the 1987 crime comedy Rent-a-Cop, offers 4- and 12-week coop rentals (hens included) and sells a variety of chicken supplies. Some of the company’s products, including the hens, are local. But others, specifically, its feeders and waterers, contain a significant amount of imported parts, according to a recent FTC closing letter, making unqualified Made in the USA claims for these products a problem.

A quick reminder: for a company to claim that a product is “made,” “built,” or “manufactured” in the USA, the FTC requires that “all or virtually all” the materials are sourced in the United States.

In response to the agency’s inquiry, RentACoop took several steps to “avoid deceiving consumers,” including “stickering over” problematic Made in the USA claims and introducing qualified language like “Made in the USA with U.S. and Imported Parts.”

A review did not dig up any unqualified U.S.-origin claims on the RentACoop site but it did find one on, an online retailer of pet food and supplies, for the company’s feeders and waterers. This, despite RentACoop’s promise to the FTC that it had updated listings on third-party sites, including

What’s more American than agriculture? In this case, outsourced materials.

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