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Studies on ingredients don't support cognitive claims, NAD warns.


Cake is great not because it contains ingredients that are delicious on their own — a spoonful of baking powder does not help the medicine go down — but because the combining of those ingredients creates something worthy of seconds.

Dietary supplements work in a similar way. So when The National Advertising Division (NAD) is the advertising industry’s self-regulatory body administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. questioned Nootrobox regarding cognitive claims for its supplements containing nootropic, it wasn’t enough that the company pointed to studies on the ingredients in its Rise, Sprint and Yawn supplements, in lieu of studies on the actual products. NAD said:

In the absence of any competent and reliable evidence on the actual product or that the ingredients, taken together, will produce the same effects as each of the ingredients, NAD recommended that all of the challenged product performance claims for Rise, Sprint and Yawn be discontinued.

Those claims included “RISE: The daily nootropic. … Shown to increase working memory and resilience to stress.” The description on the product page on the Nootrobox website now reads in part “RISE is your daily nootropic. The components in RISE have been shown to enhance memory, stamina and resilience.”

NAD also recommended that the company discontinue the claim “Upgrade your brain” and discontinue or modify the claim “Nutrients for your brain.” In addition, NAD called on Nootrobox to remove testimonials from its site.

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