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Neutral Posture

It is poor form to market products as "Made in USA" that aren't "all or virtually all" made here.

Like an admonishment from mom or dad to sit up straight, the FTC warned Texas-based Neutral Posture that it is poor form to market products as “Made in USA” that aren’t “all or virtually all” made in the U.S.

After getting a talking-to from the agency (possibly while seated in one of its own ergonomic chairs), Neutral Posture implemented a remedial action plan to avoid deceiving consumers on the extent to which certain chairs and accessories are made in the USA, according to an FTC closing letter. This plan included removing “Made in USA” claims from its website and from posts on its social media pages; redacting “Made in USA” claims on printed marketing materials; and alerting dealers and third-party retailers to the changes.

Among these retailers is the General Services Administration (GSA), which Neutral Posture touts on its website as “one of our largest customers.” A 2016 investigation into GSA’s online store, GSA Advantage — where dozens of Neutral Posture products are listed for sale — revealed more than 100 false U.S.-origin claims.’s probe found items that were labeled on the GSA Advantage website as “Made in the United States of America” that were actually made in China, Japan and the Philippines, among other foreign countries.

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