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Iberia Olive Oil Blend

One ingredient is given prominence on the front of the bottle but it's not the primary one.

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Iberia Olive Oil Blend

It’s time to play What’s in That Bottle. Readers, what’s in that bottle?

If you answered extra virgin olive oil, you are half right. Well, 20 percent right. The bottle actually contains a blend comprised of 80 percent sunflower oil and 20 percent EVOO, according to the ingredients list on the back.

To be fair, the front of the bottle says “Premium Blend.” But it also states “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” in bright, bold font while “Sunflower Oil,” the primary ingredient in the blend, is barely legible. (In fact, a reader said he purchased the product and only later discovered that it was a blend containing only 20 percent EVOO.) In case you missed it:

If you’re wondering whether there’s difference between the oils, there is.

Sunflower oil is reportedly full of omega-6 fatty acids. The Arthritis Foundation says excessive consumption of these fatty acids can contribute to inflammation. And when it comes to flavor, sunflower oil doesn’t have much to offer, which may make it good for cooking but not much else.

Olive oil, on the other hand, can be fruity, nutty, peppery and even grassy (if that’s your thing). And EVOO is considered one of the healthiest oils to eat, with many studies linking it to better heart health, according to TIME. One hundred percent EVOO also costs more than olive oil blends.

The U.S. olive oil industry has long had to deal with misrepresentations of products in the marketplace, to the point where it is now asking the FDA to adopt federal standards “to eliminate confusion among consumers and promote fair dealing in the industry.”

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