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Is this company's ice more than just frozen H20?

Is it possible to have healthy ice? Cincinnati-based ice company, Home City Ice asserts that its ice is healthier than the stuff that’s made at home. This isn’t the only scientific claim though, as HCI also claims that its ice “cools drinks faster, lasts longer, and tastes better” than that lower-tier homemade stuff.

One might assume that ice is just frozen H20. But Home City Ice disagrees, claiming that its ice is “so much more than frozen water.”

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Home City Ice states that it “developed a process that produces cleaner, clearer ice than homemade.” This apparently is accomplished by filtration devices, such as UV purification (which eliminates germs and bacteria). This process also includes something called a Turbo Ice Maker, which freezes the pure, filtered water in motion.

While all this sounds remarkable, how does this make the ice healthier? It seems the substantiation for this healthy claim revolves around the purification and filtration process of Home City Ice and not any reported scientific studies.  And exactly where Home City Ice gets its water to make the super ice is not disclosed on its website.

But Home City Ice isn’t the only place you can get filtered ice. Just check your fridge. Many refrigerators with an ice dispenser will already have a filtration device installed. The devices filter drinking water as well as ice.

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