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Peak Nitric Oxide’s Free-Bottle Giveaway Isn’t Free

Automatic enrollment in a costly continuity program is lurking in the fine print of this commercial.

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Peak Nitric Oxide’s Free-Bottle Giveaway Isn’t Free

Contrary to what’s prominent in its commercial, Peak Nitric Oxide’s free-bottle giveaway comes at a cost and the true miracle here may not lie with the product’s advertised claims to improve sexual performance and heart health (claims that haven’t been evaluated by the FDA, by the way) but rather a consumer’s capacity to sniff out the fine print.

If you do, you’ll find that the cost is automatic enrollment in a negative-option program that’s going to ship you additional bottles of the dietary supplement each month for $69.99, plus $7.99 for shipping and processing, if you don’t opt out in time. In the commercial, enrollment is disclosed in the final 10 seconds. And in fine print.

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The disclosure says the continuity program’s first shipment is sent out after the trial period ends but fails to pass on how long the trial period actually lasts. The information is not communicated verbally in the commercial, either.

A wary consumer may think to look at the product’s website for specifics on the trial period but no help there as the website is apparently down for maintenance.

Dietary supplements that tout miracle health claims are enough trouble without the added headache of paying for something you thought was free. Always tread carefully before you let any dietary supplement pique your interest.

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