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Company picks up the (puzzle) pieces after FTC inquiry into "Made in USA" claims.

Hallmark recently found itself on the receiving end of the note sharing, though the occasion was one that the greeting card company might have preferred not to be memorialized in writing.

An April 19 FTC closing letter to Hallmark outlines the steps the company took to “prevent consumer deception” following the agency’s inquiry into the marketing of imported puzzles as “Made in USA” on during the 2017 holiday season. This included not only confirming and correcting the country-of-origin information on affected puzzle listings, but also reviewing all product listings bearing a U.S.-origin claim — including greeting cards — to ensure that they are in line with the FTC’s standard on Made in the USA claims.

Best of all, and in accordance with that standard, the letter states:

For the 2018 season, Hallmark intends to sell holiday puzzles that are “all or virtually all” made in the United States.

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