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‘Dishwasher Safe’ Nonstick Pans from Granitestone Diamond

Think twice before sticking nonstick cooking pans in the dishwasher.

Ad Alert

‘Dishwasher Safe’ Nonstick Pans from Granitestone Diamond

A reader was shopping around for a nonstick cooking pan when he came across this two-piece set from Granitestone Diamond sold by Bed Bath & Beyond.

“What attracted me, other than the nonstick aspect, was it was clearly listed ‘dishwasher safe,’” our reader said.

In fact, under specifications—use and care in the Bed Bath & Beyond listing it says “Dishwasher safe.” The claim is much more prominent on the manufacturer’s website, where its nonstick cookware is touted as “100%” dishwasher safe, and in its Amazon listings, which include “Dishwasher Safe” in the product names and image galleries, and which promise “effortless cleanup.”

The reader paid around $50 to purchase the nonstick pans through Bed Bath & Beyond. But he said they lost their nonstick properties after a single run through the dishwasher.

He called Bed Bath & Beyond and spoke to someone who said he was a chef for many years. The former cook proved more loyal to his previous trade than his current employer.

In his experience, he told me, there is no such thing as a dishwasher safe nonstick cooking pan.

Several sources say likewise – that sticking nonstick pans in the dishwasher is not a good idea. Home appliance brand Bosch, for example, warns:

Salt, detergent together with the water pressure damage the coating and take the ‘non’ out of your non-stick pans.

Yet the “dishwasher safe” claims persist. reached out to Bed Bath & Beyond and Granitestone for comment. Check back for updates.

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