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Ariat International

Apparel company known for its equestrian products gets made in USA lesson straight from the horse's mouth.

Pro tip: If you want to find out whether that patriotic tee is made in the USA, check the label. By law, textile manufacturers are required to disclose country-of-origin information on product labels. But it’s not just product labels. The Textile Act and Rules (aka Textile Rules) also require origin disclosures on marketing materials.

So it was a problem that Ariat International, an apparel company known for its equestrian clothing and footwear, advertised certain apparel products as “Crafted with fabric made in the USA” without disclosing that the products were sewn into finished garments in Mexico, according to a recent FTC closing letter to the company. The FTC said:

[A]lthough the Ariat products marketed as “Crafted with fabric made in the USA” did incorporate U.S. fabrics, because they were last substantially transformed in Mexico, to comply with the Textile Rules they must be marked and marketed as of Mexican origin.

In response to the FTC’s inquiry, Ariat implemented a remedial action plan to update its labels and marketing materials. Based on these actions and other factors, the FTC decided not to pursue the investigation any further.

Of note, for a product to be marketed with an unqualified U.S.-origin claim such as “Made in the USA,” under the FTC’s Made in USA standard, the product’s final assembly or processing must take place in the U.S.

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