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Antigravity Batteries

Company recharges its batteries following FTC inquiry into its made in the USA claims.


UPDATE 7/31/20: According to Antigravity Batteries, the battery pictured was not part of the FTC’s inquiry into the company’s made in the USA claims. The agency’s April 2019 closing letter did not specify the products involved. Our original ad alert follows.

Antigravity Batteries, which says it is “dedicated to building the best in lithium-ion battery products for the motorcycle, powersports and motorsports industries,” shifted production of some products overseas.

But its made in the USA claims stayed stateside. Or as the FTC put it in a recent closing letter to the company marking the end of an inquiry: “certain [marketing] materials were not timely updated to reflect shifts to overseas production.”

Only products that are “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. are allowed to be marketed with an unqualified made in the USA claim under the FTC’s Made in USA standard.

In response to the agency’s prodding, Antigravity Batteries took several steps to show that it wasn’t anti-regulation, including removing U.S.-origin claims from marketing materials and “stickering over” deceptive made in the USA claims on product packaging.

Find more of our coverage on made in the USA claims here.

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