FTC Funeral Rule Comment

In June 2020, TINA.org submitted a comment to the FTC, which was seeking public comment on whether to make changes to its Funeral Rule, which was enacted in 1982 to protect consumers — who are under significant emotional strain and tight time constraints — from unfair and deceptive practices in the sale of funeral products and services.

In January 2023, TINA.org submitted a second comment to the FTC, which was then seeking public comment on whether to initiate an official rulemaking proceeding to amend the Funeral Rule.

In its comments, TINA.org urged the FTC to update the Funeral Rule to, among other things, require funeral service providers who advertise online to post their price lists on their websites in order to conform to consumers’ shopping behavior and allow them to meaningfully price-shop before committing to a purchase. It would also allow the FTC to more easily review funeral homes’ sales and business practices without imposing any significant burden on the funeral service providers.

To read TINA.org’s June 2020 comment, click here.

To read TINA.org’s January 2023 comment, click here.


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